Julie Tamblin MA, PGCE

Julie Tamblin MA, PGCE

Welcome to my language school. Here I have created a place for the exploration and enjoyment of the Cornish language, Cornish dialect and Cornish literature as dynamic cultural issues.

I have designed a range of both structured and semi-structured experiences which offer opportunities to learn, and to learn about, the Cornish language and to explore Cornish literature.

The literature courses include an historical overview and an in depth exploration of the work of writers such as Daphne du Maurier, Charles Causley and Alan Kent. My courses are available throughout the year on a residential or non-residential basis.

Please see below for course options on language, literature and dialect at Learn Cornish in Cornwall:

Cornish Cream Tea

Cornish Cream TeaCome and enjoy a cream tea whilst learning the rudiments of the Cornish language and exploring how it relates to Cornu-English (the Cornish dialect). Then together we will explore how the Cornish language did not in fact die, but was always present in our literature, as it still appears today. Find out more…

Cornish Lessons

Cornish Lessons

This ten hour course is designed to give you a basic grounding in Cornish. Find out more…

Cornish Language Weekend

Cornish Language Learning WeekendThis intensive language weekend is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to have a conversation in Cornish. Find out more…

Cornish Literature Weekend

Cornish Literature WeekendEnjoy an introduction to the literature of Cornwall from the ninth century to the present through discussion of text, films and excursions. Find out more…

Julie Tamblin MA, PGCE
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